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Video Description
I thought I almost skipped it but No! The report came last month's 28th and I was positive. But whatever happens I crave for experiences. Experience is equals to story. And here is my story.

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Amake Gift dao please! - Flat b1, House 358-360, Road 5, Avenue - 4, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka

Special thanks to Kaarina Kaisar
Story and Animation: Antik Mahmud
Vocal: Antik Mahmud, Mayeesha Mahzabin (JAPAN), Kaisar Kabir (Noman)
Lipsync: Mridul Animation
Color and Background: Shams Nobee
Edit: TrewTen
Thumbnail: Antik Mahmud
Subtitle: Shanzin Sharita

#Storytime #Antik #Famtik

Hidden letter:
Life is a race...if you dont want to go far in this race then this course is not for you

recent trend er jonno ei jinish ta amar mathay prochur ghurtese. and ami khubi pera khaitesi... ammu jiggesh kortese bhaat khaiso...ami boli life is a race... porteso na ken? karon life is a race

so far amar negative ashche... Alhamdulillah...ammu abbu dhakay ashchilo... ammur amar care nite giye positive hoye gese. erpor oitao abar negative hoye gese. onno keu hoile baap maar positive ashle kannakati shuru kore dito...but i was strong. karon ami jani ammu barishailla. ar barishailla der strength ki jinish ta barishailla rai jane. ammu ekhon amar shathe amar studio te ase. amar bedroom dokhol kore nise. amar onno room e jaya ghumaite hoy. karon ki?? karon ammu abar AC chara ghumaite parena... uff fapor ta dekhona

arek kahini boli... amar daate ekhon shei betha. kahini oikhane na... kahini onno jaygay. usually akkel daat uthle daat betha kore and apnara daat ta tule falay den right? ami.... for some weird shitty reason...ter e painai amar akkel daat uthse... so this whole time amar akkel daat uthse amar main ekta daat ke bakay felse. and now amar oi bakay fela daat pain dicche...daat tule felte partesina because amar karinar doctor mana kore dise...pain killer o khaite partesina... amar akkel daat e be akkel... ki je komu

karina shune mone porlo...kaarina apu has 0 clue keno tar kas thee video ta nisi...uni just bisshash kore amake diye dise... bechara

Also shout out to Jus Lyk a Podcast...amar hospital time e besh help korse

So apnader khobor ki?