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Video Description
In this video tutorial, you'll see how to make a screen recording with audio and facecam, and upload it to YouTube™. To make the recording, we're using Outklip -

Because it does three things very well:
1. Gives your screen recording a personal and polished touch with facecam, voice recording and annotation.
2. Videos are auto saved to, you can share your videos instantly.
3. Single click automatic upload to YouTube™, no need for manual downloading and uploading to YouTube™.

1. Install the Outklip Chrome extension --
2. Click on the Chrome extension icon in your browser -- a new tab will open prompting you to sign up on Outklip
3. Sign up on Outklip using either your email or your Google login.
4. After signing in, click on the Outklip Chrome extension icon. On the menu that appears, enable audio and webcam. Click the Start button to start recording.
5. To finish recording, click on the Outklip Chrome extension icon. A few moments later, a new tab will appear where you can preview your video.
6. When you're done previewing, click on the YouTube™ icon and follow the prompts to upload the video to YouTube™. You're all set!

Visit to learn more about screen recording with Outklip.