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Video Description
Clickbait Title: A Eurocopter EC135?!

Well, here we are. I want to say I'm done with Fifty Shades forever, but given the legacy it's leaving behind, the upcoming slate of fanfiction-turned-novel-turned-movies, I'm sure we'll be back sometime. There's always more that I can say. I just can't stop talking about it.

Also Charlie Tango, Eurocopter EC135, is played in the film by a Eurocopter EC130 because Seattle noise laws prohibit civilian use of a helicopter as large as the EC135 within city limits. I do not know how this impacts Charlie Tango's safety rating.

Ana: Crystal Rhoney
Christian: Mike Rugnetta
Taylor: Mikey Neumann
Kate: Lindsay Ellis
Dr. Flynn: H. Bomberguy
SnowQueen’s IceDragon: Jenny Nicholson

“Charlie Tango” written by James Fairlie, Performed by Crystal Rhoney

Camera: Kara Artym

GarBox art: Magdalen Rose

Special thanks to Jenny Trout for her amazing read-along blogs and Anne Jamison for both her writing on the subject of Fifty Shades and fanfiction and for tolerating my emails.

Jenny Trout:
Anne Jamison:

Written and performed by Dan Olson