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Video Description
Appwrite is an open-source backend - an alternative to Firebase. Create a collaborative rich-text editing experience using Flutter Web and Appwrite, similar to Google Docs! This video will look at adding authentication, database, and listening to real-time events using Appwrite. As well as neatly structuring our Flutter code using repositories and services, Riverpod for state management, Routemaster to manage our web routes, and Flutter Quill for rich text editing.

1️⃣ Appwrite

2️⃣ Appwrite Documentation

3️⃣ Appwrite Github

4️⃣ Appwrite Discord

5️⃣ Google Docs Clone: Source Code 👨‍💻

6️⃣ Robert’s Video on Appwrite

🐦 Twitter
Gordon's Twitter:
Appwrite’s Twitter:

⏱ Timestamps:
0:00 00: Intro
3:59 01: Base Setup
5:08 02: Riverpod Setup
6:38 03: Routemaster Setup
11:37 04: Appwrite Setup
17:19 05: Authentication Repository
24:33 06: Authentication State Service
34:59 07: Login and Registration Pages
45:02 08: Add Logged-in Routes
51:58 09: Add Document UI and State
1:07:47 10: Create Documents
1:18:15 11: Update and Save Documents
1:35:22 12: Real-time Changes
1:48:45 13: Open and List All Documents
1:56:51 14: Extra Features and What’s Next