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Video Description
For the most part, The Crown goes to great lengths to get the historical details of Queen Elizabeth II’s life correct. But as with any historical drama, there is still some dramatic license taken. In some cases, minor characters are combined to tell a more streamlined story, while other times, gaps in the family’s history have to be filled in.

For example, there was a famous fight between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip early in their marriage that no one besides them quite knew the reason for, so obviously the show had to offer some explanation for it. Let’s take a look at what The Crown gets wrong about history.

#TheCrown #QueenElizabeth #History

Taking a knee | 0:00
A mystery fight | 1:39
Lost in the smog | 2:57
A stroke of lies | 4:04
A burning change | 5:04
An illegal romance | 6:13
Fabricated blame | 7:06
A tamer club | 8:15
Snubbing Aberfan | 9:40
Moonstruck | 10:42

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