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Video Description
RED ROYAL MUSIC presents new Punjabi song Kaaru Ardas title Track by Kuldeep Toor. Produced by SATVINDER SETIA.

Song Credits

Song : Kaaru Ardas Title Track
Singer : Kuldeep Toor
Music : Kuldeep Toor
Lyrics : Babby Danciwalia

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Movie Credits :

Movie : Kaaru Ardas
Directed by : Bobby Bajwa
Produced By : Satvinder Setia
Written by : Jatinder Singh Mehalkalan
DOP : Inder Gill & KB
Cast : Poonam Sood, Savinder Vikky, Satwant Kaur, Kaur Jessica, Malkeet Rauni, Sherry, Manjit Malara, Suresh Nayak, Paramjeet Singh & Chandel
Singers : Gurbaksh Shonki & Kuldeep Toor
Music : Kuldeep Toor
Editors- Puneet Asp & B. Rampal
Child Artist : Jesleen & Kabir
Choreographer : Mandeep Mandy
Production : MKB Productions (KSS)
Visual Promotions : Frame Cut Cafe
Poster : Gurdeep Rai
Online Promotions : Annie Digitals

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