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Video Description
Desperate Hours - Nuclear and Industrial Disasters | Disaster Documentary

Desperate Hours - Disasters in the Air:

Our focus for this chilling but fascinating episode of Desperate Hours is on Nuclear and Industrial Disasters.Nuclear nuclear power depends on harnessing the energy released during one of two processes - nuclear fission, or nuclear fusion.In both Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, energy is released from the high-powered atomic bonds between the particles within a nucleus. The two processes differ, in that Nuclear Fission means splitting an atom into two, or more, smaller atoms. While Nuclear Fusion, is the fusing of two, or more, smaller atoms into a larger one. Ironically nuclear power is a relatively clean source of energy, which is great. But of course, unless the utmost precautions are taken in generating nuclear power, then the consequences can go beyond merely disastrous, to the unthinkable, the horrific. Safety in the workplace and care for the environment are a human responsibility but when it comes to nuclear power it’s not just industrial accidents that threaten tragic consequences. on an epic scale. A natural disaster such as a volcano or earthquake is something we have little-or-no control over and when such an event strikes a nuclear power facility the resulting disaster can be off the scale and last for decades.
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