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Video Description
The Chainsmokers performing live at the 2014 Ultra Music Festival on the Main Stage - March 28, 2014 in Miami.

When we woke up at 10AM Friday morning to our manager shaking us and saying 'guess what you guys are playing Mainstage in 6 hours' we told him to fuck off and let us sleep and his joke wasn't funny. He insisted he wasn't lying and to turn up...then we lost our shit in excitement.

We decided we were going to wing it and keep in the mood of the spontaneity that was taken place. Let us tell you when we got on that stage for sound check we shat ourselves. Looking out into the huge open field from the booth (cause the gates hadn't opened) we just smiled ran to the bar and threw back a couple shots.

This day and set is dedicated to everyone in our family, our close circle of friends who believed we could do this, our manager Adam and Enes who work harder than anyone in the business, and our agents Hunter and Mac who got us this taste and now nothing else will do and our fans who have supported us from our first remixes through the chaos of #SELFIE... Nobody in this music world has fans more connected and die hard than us!

Life is a series of opportunities... you never know when you will get them but when they come however they come make sure you grab that motherfucker and win.

Note from our friend Ali, 'What the fuck are you doing on Mainstage'

Fun facts:
1) we got to play Mainstage as a result of filling in for Laidback Luke and his wife Gina having a baby! Congrats Luke and Gina!
2) we had 5 shots each prior to the set
3) alex was wearing shorts. he thought R3hab does it, Deorro does it...why not him
4) we were the only ones to play Levels at ULTRA..well besides Deadmau5