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Video Description
Sparkabilities, Smart & Fun Early Learning for Babies! Explore ABCs, Counting, Shapes, Colors, Patterns and more!

Babies 1, the first episode in the Sparkbilities series is for babies from birth to 12 months and is designed to begin developing foundation learning skills. Babies 1 introduces concepts in math, reading, art, music, language and emotion. There is an emphasis on sensory property coordination with sound effects, music and lots of fun expressive faces!

If you like the Babies 1 video, please consider the other Sparkabilities Videos in our series:

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Download our FREE iPhone and iPad app, Sparkabilities TotBox HD, available in the App Store. TotBox comes preloaded with 6 free preview videos. In-app purchasing features downloads of individual full-length videos or discounted bundles for low prices. Download videos directly to your iPhone or iPad to enjoy anywhere, anytime or stream video when connected to Wi-Fi.

Sparkabilities is powered by the PlayWisely developmental play system. Combining science, education and sport, PlayWisely takes advantage of the brain's early critical wiring period from birth to age five when learning is most efficient and fun. Together, Sparkabilities & PlayWisely create a 'Lab to Living Room' connection for parents who want the BEST start for their child.

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