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HealthyGamerGG    23 November, 19, 3:00 pm
Video Description
Dr.K gives some advice on dealing with uncertainty.
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People have a hard time dealing with uncertainty. We feel uncertain when we are put against hard challenges that are out of our control. Learning to deal with uncertainty is a key element of success in life. Learning about our psychology and ourselves can teach us how to deal with uncertainty.

Healthy Gamer is an online community and resource platform for gamers and their families. It does not provided medical services or professional counseling, and it is not a substitute for professional medical care. Our coaches are peer supporters, not professionally trained experts, and they cannot provide medical service. If you or a loved on are experiencing an emergency, please call your nation's emergency telephone number.

All guests of Healthy Gamer are informed of the public, non-medical nature of the content and have expressly agreed to share their story.

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