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Video Description
I've started doing Youtube semi-fulltime all thanks to the support of you guys! To support the channel please visit my Patreon page:


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About this Project:
Marble Mountain is a series aimed at capturing the interconnections and vastness of a region. From the dry desert to the crumbling coastline, Marble Mountain hosts diverse environments connected through road, rail and industry. Join me as we develop this unique landscape.

#MarbleMountain #CitiesSkylines #lasvegas, DLC, Let's play, Cities Skylines, California sunset harbor

Relight Mod & Coastal LUT

Springwood + Theme Mixer Mod

Marble Mountain Mods and Assets [LITE VERSION]:

Marble Mountain Mod and Assets:

Marble Mountain Map:

Intro - "Clues in the Sand" - by Gunnar Johnsén

Epidemic Sound -

Marble Mountain Music Playlist -

“Amber" by Andrew James -