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Video Description
This video shows me stripping a Cole Haan full grain leather belt, then taking navy blue and tan Fiebings alcohol dye and re-dying it to try and match the coloring on my John McHale Florsheim Imperials that had a custom reverse copper patina done on them in my last video.

1:00 Before on the Cole Haan belt
2:53 The Patina on the shoes I'm trying to match
3:35 Stripping the belt with acetone (I purchased it at a thrift store for $4)
6:39 What is a Patina? What is a Reverse Patina?
8:08 A little bit too little is better than a little bit too much (2 examples)
8:37 Starting the dying process
14:46 Shoe Giveaway contents
19:19 Additional dye work with diluted navy dye
20:25 Applying Pure Polish Products neutral cream polish
22:00 Brushing off the belt with a horsehair brush
22:43 The belt in sunlight... I'm not happy...
24:44 Some additional touch-up work with Acetone & Saphir polish to create a more gradual and more distinct transition
27:21 The finished result!
28:36 Outro

Here's a LIST of the SHOE PACKAGE GIVEAWAY contents:
1 pair of black USA made Johnston & Murphy "Melton" cap toe Oxfords, US size 10.5D (UK 9.5)
1 pair of well fitting spring-loaded Rochester shoe trees
1 black Coach men's belt, size 34" (85cm)
1 Kiwi shoe shine kit with brown & black polish, horsehair brush, 2 daubers, & a cotton shine cloth
1 extra Kiwi shoe shine brush
2 extra polish daubers
2 extra pairs of Kiwi brown dress shoelaces
To ENTER yourself or someone else into the giveaway:
A. Put in the comments BEFORE Friday March 18th 2022, the name of someone deserving of the package & why they should get it.
B. Remember, I can only ship to the continental USA only
C. One entry per viewer please.
D. 10 days after the release of this video on Friday March 18th 2022, I will announce the name of the drawing winner!
**UPDATE** Here's a link to the Giveaway unboxing video:

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"High vs Low Quality Belts & How to get 'em cheap!"

2. The differences in leather quality is also explained pretty well here, but beware, this is one of my older videos & the production quality is not as professional as my more recent videos.
"Leather Quality explained: Aniline? Full Grain? Corrected Grain?"

3. The video showing the Canadian Florsheim Imperials patina:
"Before & After: Florsheim Imperial Custom Patina"

4. "Leather Talk Interview with Andy Vaughn from Pure Polish Pt 1"
His products are available at

5. This video is a VERY in-depth talk with Phil Kalas, co-owner of Ashland Leather Co & is all about leather & it's production, etc.
"Leather Talk with Phil from Horween/Ashland Leather - Part 1"

You can get the Saphir products at or

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library:
1. "Tiptoe Out The Back" by Dan Liebowitz
2. "The Bywater" by The Mini Vandals
3. "Mirror Mirror" by Diamond Ortiz
4. "Saint Gary" by John Deeley and the 41 Players
5. "Beach Disco" by Dougie Wood

Thank you for watching! I try to release at least a couple videos every month, but sometimes it's more or less often depending on if I have a project and the time to produce a video.