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If you want to learn Animation -
সব কিছু গুছিয়ে একজায়গায় আনা হয়েছে। আশা করি কোর্স টা আপনাকে যথেষ্ট হেল্প করবে। আর থাকছে সার্টিফিকেট। Credits:
Story and Animation: Antik Mahmud
Vocal: Mayeesha Mahzabin (JAPAN), Antik Mahmud
Lipsync: Mridul Animation
Color and Background: Antik Mahmud, Mridul, Shams Nobee
Thumbnail: Antik Mahmud
Subtitle: Shanzin Sharita

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Hidden letter: Hi there!!! Bohu din por. Finally ami amar channel back pailam. And shathe shathe ei video up dilam.

Ki obostha shobar. I missed you guys. I know shobar janar iccha ase kivabe channel hack hoilo. kivabe channel back pailam etc. shobi janabo ami. tar age 10 tarikh ekta video upload kore nei. oita banano pray shesh.

And i am so happy. amar kannakati korte iccha kortese. thank you for the support. 10 tarikh dekha hobe.