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Video Description
In today's show, we are looking at designing a federated API for schools by combining MongoDB, Postgres, and GraphCMS. Jesse Martin and Gavin Ray give us a high-level overview of how joins work, when and why you would use them, and how to get started quickly.

0:00 Intro
1:10 Welcome
3:27 Previous show recap
4:21 Introduction to Joins
5:21 Looking at the data model
7:00 Explaining the business problem
8:00 Explaining the product challenge
10:10 What types of joins are available
12:20 Choosing a federation pattern
19:09 Risks with federating
21:00 Looking at the API
22:30 Creating a DB to schema join
24:40 Creating a remote schema to remote schema join
28:00 Explaining the final API

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