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Video Description
Learn how to use conditional statements in C# in Unity. We go over If statements, Else statements, and Else If statements in this part of the Introduction to C# in Unity series.

Introduction to C# in Unity is a series that aims to teach newcomers, or maybe even those not-so-new, C# in the Unity environment. In this series we'll not be creating the next blockbuster mobile game or an MMO, but we'll be learning the fundamentals so that we can create awesome games using Unity.

All serious developers had to learn the fundamentals and I bet they're wishing they had a simple way, such as this series. If you're serious about game development, especially in Unity, this is where you start. Game development isn't easy, though, so make sure you're ready to do some work!

Unity gives you the power to create games that are restricted only by your imagination, but even cooler than that, you can port them anywhere! With support for PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows devices, Xbox, Wii U, PS3, and more still on the way.

Please take a second to answer three questions and give feedback for the future of this series. [Google Forms]

Download Unity: [FREE]

Unity information:

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