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Video Description
Want to learn Accounting? Introduction to Accounting covers the basics of Accounting. Enjoyed our content? Why not subscribe to us?
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00:08 | Outline of Introduction to Accounting
02:08 | What is Accounting?
02:31 | Definition of Accounting
04:16 | The benefits of Accounting
05:52 | What are the objectives of Accounting?
09:22 | The main types of Accounting
09:35 | What is Financial Accounting?
10:52 | What is Management Accounting?
12:06 | Financial Accounting versus Management Accounting
13:56 | What is Bookkeeping?
15:56 | Who are the users of Accounting Information?
16:27 | Internal users of Accounting Information
19:28 | External users of Accounting Information
24:31 | The qualitative characteristics of Accounting Information
25:15 | Relevance of Accounting Information
26:31 | Reliability of Accounting Information
27:23 | Understandability of Accounting Information
28:14 | Comparability of Accounting Information
29:10 | Limitations of Accounting Information
31:42 | Recap of Introduction to Accounting

The Accounting Student is an online, independent and student-run provider for educating Accounting. We provide Accounting related content that is simple, educational and enjoyable.

- Thomas Harwood started The Accounting Student during his first year at University
- He achieved an A in A-level Accounting and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Accounting and Finance
- Thomas has worked for a placement year as a Finance Analyst in a S&P 500 company and now works as a Finance Associate for an Asset Management company
- After graduating from university, Thomas decided to focus on his passion for Accounting and Education by spending more time on The Accounting Student

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