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Video Description
Abby and Janie love the Fuzzlies! But today it’s a special tiny tea party for the Squeaky Peepers! It’s going tea-riffic until – uh oh –one Squeaky Pepper is missing!

PAW Patrol is now available in more languages!

Welcome to the world of Abby Hatcher, where Fuzzlies are real and everyone knows it! But Fuzzlies usually see the world differently than humans, which is often the source of wild and funny shenanigans! But luckily for everyone involved, Abby Hatcher is the ultra-adorable Fuzzly! When things go sideways or a Fuzzly inflates to twice its size, Abby Hatcher is there to help save the day! Don’t miss the excitement, adventure, and downright hilarity in Abby Hatcher!

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