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Watch all the talks for HasuraCon'21 👉🏾

A new generation of GraphQL typesafe clients have emerged (like 'gql-zeus' and 'genql') and their promise seems compelling. Join Gavin Ray, Community Engineer at Hasura, as he explores why you should be adopting these into your workflows immediately. There is a specific adoption pattern for use with Hasura, and integration with clients, and it is game-changing. Queries, subscriptions, mutations all manifest right in your editor. Your developer experience is going to fundamentally change for the better!



🚀 Hasura makes your data instantly accessible over a real-time GraphQL API, so you can build and ship modern apps and APIs faster. Hasura connects to your databases, REST servers, GraphQL servers and third party APIs (eg: Stripe, Salesforce) to provide a unified realtime GraphQL API across all your data sources instantly.

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