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Video Description
In this video I re-finish a pair of Allen Edmonds Cornwallis Adelaide Oxfords that I picked up thrifting. This is my first attempt at a museum patina. The real purpose of doing this is not just to make the shoes look nice, but it's practice for a new pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenues I will be doing a blue/dark blue museum patina on in the near future.

0:38 – A piece of fan mail!
1:52 – Reviewing the condition of the Allen Edmonds Cornwallis Adelaide Oxfords
4:11 – An educated guess on when these shoes were produced, and when they were re-crafted
5:18 – The game plan for the shoes
5:50 – Showing a new product “LM Filler”. I wound up no needing it for these shoes, so I’ll review it in a later video.
7:00 – The apron with my logo embroidered onto it (by Blonde Lobster Embroidery in Stow, OH)
8:01 – Step 1 – stripping the shoes with Saphir Renomat
10:38 – Step 2 - Sanding the cracks and surface damage out with 220 grit sandpaper, then 400 grit
13:00 – Step 3 – Stripping the uppers with Acetone
14:19 – Introducing Hayden and the reason I’m doing a blue museum patina on the Cornwallis’s
16:10 – Step 4 – Airbrushing the blue base color
18:20 – Notes/lessons from the airbrushing
19:39 – Step 5 – Adding the “Museum” effect
24:25 – More lessons from adding the Museum effect
28:04 – Step 6 – Conditioning the uppers with Saphir Renovateur (mink oil based conditioner)
29:36 – Step 7 - Brushing the uppers with a horse hair brush
30:04 – Step 8 - Polishing & additional conditioning to the uppers with Saphir and Pure Polish Cream Polish
31:55 – Step 9 – Brushing the uppers again
32:18 – Step 10 – Adding a Mirror Shine to the toes with Pure Polish High Shine Paste Wax Polish & a Pure Polish mirror shining cloth
34:00 – The final result and my self-critique/”next time I will” list
38:08 – Still shots indoors and outdoors and outro/credits

Thank you Walter Ferek for the Apron!

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Go to for polishes, waxes, conditioners, and shine cloths, or to or for Saphir products.

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library:
1. "Beach_Disco" by Dougie Wood
2. "Wishful Thinking" by Dan Lebowitz
3. "Way Out West" by Chris Haugen
4. "Urchins" by Rondo Brothers