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Video Description
Buying A Rolex You Never Wanted

Playing the Rolex waiting game might be something we’ve all heard of before.
But admitting to buying a Rolex you never had the desire for in the first place is probably something you never hear people say.

While Rolex is concerned with production, its dealers have the luxury of determining to whom specific wristwatches are allocated. It's a game of movement on the list. You need to watch this video till the end to know how all of these play out and how to survive the game of buying what you never wanted to get that Rolex model you want.

Subscribe for Rolex related news, luxury investment watches and everything related to these extraordinary timepieces: Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and more. Inspired by Bark and Jack, CRM Jewelers, Teddy Baldassarre.

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On Above First Class we will cover all things Rolex, Omega, and other popular luxury watches. Stay tuned for the latest Rolex news and luxury investment watch trends.

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