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Video Description
Reaching the Age of Adolescence Full Chapter Class 8 Science | NCERT Science Class 8 Chapter 10 is explained in this video.

For students asking about "Reaching the Age of Adolescence Full Chapter", Magnet Brains presents to you the What and how of "Reaching the Age of Adolescence Full Chapter Class 8 Science". As the new session will eventually be announced so you should definitely know about "NCERT Science Class 8 Chapter 10".

0:00 Adolescence and puberty
2:29 Changes at puberty
8:42 Secondary sexual characters
11:03 Reproductive phase of life in humans
16:50 How is the sex of baby determined?
22:19 Hormones
25:31 Role of hormones in initiating reproductive function
29:02 Role of hormones in completing the life history of insects and frogs
30:38 Reproductive health
32:58 Personal hygiene
33:28 Say no to drug
35:28 solution question answer MCQ's

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