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Video Description
What’s happening in this American Made movie clip?
Barry's (Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, Top Gun and Rain Man) business is at its peak, money is flowing and he sets up dummy companies to launder the money generated by the drug traffic.

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What’s the American Made movie about?
In 1978, Barry Seal (Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, Top Gun and Rain Man), a commercial jet pilot, smuggled Cuban cigars into the United States. He is recruited by the CIA to fly clandestine reconnaissance missions over Central America. During a mission, the Medellín Cartel asks Seal to fly cocaine on his return flights to the United States. Seal accepts and starts sending the cartel's cocaine to Louisiana. The CIA turns a blind eye to the drug trade, but the DEA tracks down Seal. To avoid authorities, Seal and his family must move to a remote town in Arkansas. The small town becomes wealthy and turns out to be the center of cocaine trafficking in the United States. Eventually, the CIA shuts down the program and abandons Seal, who is arrested. He escapes prosecution by making a deal with the White House, which wants evidence that the Sandinistas are drug traffickers. Seal manages to obtain photos that link the Medellin cartel to the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, but the White House publishes them as propaganda against the Sandinistas. Seal being in the pictures, he is arrested and the cartel plots revenge. Seal is found guilty and is sentenced to hours of community service. Finally, unable to hide from the cartel, he is shot dead by assassins. The CIA destroys all evidence linking them to Seal and continues the smuggling, but using Iran instead to deliver weapons to the Contras.

Credits: © 2017 Universal Studios

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