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Video Description
Ready for a Rolex? Christian reviews the four best Rolex watches available under $10,000.

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#rolex #watchreview #rolexdatejust

Today, Christian dives into 4 of the best Rolex watches you can snag for under $10k!!

First up, we have the four-digit reference Datejust, specifically the references 1600, 1601, 1603, and 1625. These are some of the best value in the watch world, attainable in many cases below four thousand dollars, and certainly below five. The Oyster case is 36mm, and comes in a variety of bezels (from fluted to smooth to engine turned to Thunderbird). Introduced to celebrate the brand's 40th anniversary in 1945, the Datejust has gone on to become one of the most impressive watches of all time.

Next, we have the modern Oyster Perpetual 39, a watch with a ton of variety that can be had for $5,700 at retail. Being modern, it offers a bit more durability to it than the vintage Datejust, while still being more refined and accessible than many other modern Rolex watches.

Now, the Day-Date, one of the most iconic watches of all time. Modern Day-Dates are frankly, beyond our budget, but the vintage models can be had for between $6.5-12k which, though a wide range, offers the same kind of variety that can be found with the vintage Datejust.

And now, the modern GMT Master II Pepsi, which can be had retail for $9,700. Though it goes for significantly higher on the secondhand and grey market, at retail it is one of the best values in modern Rolex. It provides some of the best heritage and design language the brand has to offer, and does so with all of the modern amenities of modern Rolex (from the 904L steel to the Cerachrom Ceramic Bezel).