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Video Description
In this video, we will see how we can make diseases disappear by RELAXING,
The following questions will be answered as well,

How to deal with stress and anxiety?
Tips to relax

This is PART 3/4 of 'How to Make Disease Disappear - Book Summary Tamil'

Relaxation Technique - 1:

Are you stressed out?Do you need stress relief?

How to increase your ME TIME?What is fight or flight response?Details about inflammation

Relaxation Technique - 2:

How to reduce screen time?How social media is ruining our lives?

Relaxation Technique - 3:

We will learn about practicing stillness,mindfulness meditation

We discuss regarding calm app meditation,headspace app,adult coloring and surya namaskar benefits

Relaxation Technique - 4:

We look at spending time with family , how to eat properly? etc