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Video Description
Serial Mom: You’re the killer

What’s happening in this Serial Mom movie clip?
Beverly (Kathleen Turner) has gone to kill one of Eugene's (Sam Waterston) patients and his wife, for calling Eugene away on a Saturday they were supposed to spend birdwatching, and for eating chicken that reminds her of the starlings. She stabs the woman with scissors and pushes an air conditioner from a second-story window onto the man, standing on the walkway below, calling for help. Meanwhile, the rest of the family and the police arrive at Scotty's (Justin Whalin) house, only to find him in his room masturbating to an old porn video. Beverly goes back home with strawberries.

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What’s the Serial Mom movie about?
A quiet mother, Beverly Sutphin (Kathleen Turner) raises her children Misty (Ricki Lake) and Chip (Matthew Lillard) with her husband Eugene (Sam Waterston), a dentist. In reality, however, Beverly is a serial killer who mercilessly murders anyone who can't stand her. After running over her son's math teacher in a car, Beverly impales her daughter's unfaithful boyfriend: two crimes that Beverly has witnesses to unbeknownst to her. Beverly's neighbor, who Beverly harasses on a daily basis, quickly becomes suspicious of her, and then comes Beverly's relatives, who gradually discover the mother's secret.

Credits: © 1994 Universal Studios

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