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Video Description
Did RZ twin trap Rebecca and Maddie while hypnotizing her Crush?!

It all started when Rebecca Zamolo was convinced that RZ twin hypnotized Maddie's ex crush and spent 24 Hours at a 50's Diner. But before that Matt and Rebecca did a face reveal of the mystery man and it turns out it was Robbie Rob. They just tested him to see what hacks new knew. Now they realize that RZ twin is bad. Matt has to trick Robbie Rob who is Maddie's crush into going back into the realm by creating a fake audition. While Matt and Robbie Rob are on a spaceship for 24 hours, Rebecca and Maddie search for clues at the house to see how RZ twin escaped. When they look at the hidden security footage it reveals that she had a key to the handcuffs. She went everywhere in the house and put air-pods in Matt's music studio. Maddie tries them on and hears static but Rebecca faces her fears and tells her to take them out. She doesn't want to get hypnotized too. Matt and Robbie are searching for the missing device when a mystery person arrives and starts a battle royale. Can they escape and be safe or will they get trapped on space ship for 24 hours? Rebecca and Maddie realize that RZ escaped into the tunnel. Is she at the lake of Secrets? RZ twin might be working with the game master and is now bad and evil. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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