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Video Description
If you want to learn Animation -
সব কিছু গুছিয়ে একজায়গায় আনা হয়েছে। আশা করি কোর্স টা আপনাকে যথেষ্ট হেল্প করবে। আর থাকছে সার্টিফিকেট। If you want to learn how I animate (animation course) - I found a ninja technique to pass your exams without any tension. I call it the half half method.

Content Sponsorship: Vivo Bangladesh | Vivo V20 SE

#EXAMS #antik #vivoBangladesh #V20SE #BetheFocusAlways #LoveBangladesh #Lovevivo

Story and Animation: Antik Mahmud
Vocal: Antik Mahmud, Mayeesha Mahzabin (JAPAN)
Lipsync: Mridul Animation
Color, shadow and Background: Shams Nobee, Mridul
Thumbnail: Antik Mahmud
Subtitle: Shanzin Sharita

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Amake Gift dao please! - Flat b1, House 358-360, Road 5, Avenue - 4, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka

Animation: Adobe Animate
Voice Record: Audacity
Render: Swivel
Edit: Premiere Pro
Thubmnail: Manga Studio 5

Hidden letter:
First of all ami agei clear kore dei...Video te amake joto mota lagtese...Ami eto mota me... :3

Hya ebar shuru kori.

Arrrreeeeeeee mama mela din por dekha hoilo. ki khobor? Sorry etodin ami hidden letter lekhte parinai and i really missed it. But ekdomi je video up deinai ta kintu na... Ami ekta video up korsi 2 years time schedule kore :p yes...actually oi video 2 years por upload hobe.

Dinkal besh weird jacche...Study life ta specially. mane amar varsity je amar kase ki chay...tai bujhtesina. Tobe worklife shei smooth jacche. Amra team theke officially comics ber korar target nisi. mane literally amra publish kore amrai sell korbo. Lets see oitar ki hoy.

Btw second channel e podcast kortesi. 3 ta episode O ber hoise. or 2 ta may be. And i am learning stuff. Salman muqtadir bhai literally changed some mindsets of mine. Ar rafayat bhai...bhai re bhai ki je bolbo!

Anyways apnar khobor ki? Din kal kemon jay? Uncle aunty bhai bon kemon ase?