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Video Description
Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes Symptoms !

When there is a high blood sugar level in your body for a prolonged period…then a person is said to be suffering from DIABETES.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder disease which is due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced.

Visit your doctor if you find these symptoms…

Unexplained Weight Loss
High blood sugar levels can cause rapid and unexpected weight loss because your body is not absorbing glucose properly. When the glucose (sugars) are excreted by excessive urinating, it is not stored in the cells for energy. This decreases the amount of calories and can lead to sudden unhealthy loss of weight.

Excessive Thirst and Frequent Urination
If you frequently need to empty your bladder, particularly during the night, it could be a sign of diabetes.
In diabetes the body is less efficient at breaking food down into sugar and thus have extra sugar in the body.
The kidneys need to work harder and when they cant keep up with filtering the sugar in the body, they flush it out.
More the urination..more the thirst.

Increased Hunger

Another sign is craving for carbs or sugar. This is because your high blood sugar makes it difficult for your body to regulate glucose. Your cells need glucose to provide fuel and energy for your body.

Your cells lack essential energy and you still feel hungry even after eating a meal.

Tired All The Time
When your cells are robbed of glucose and don’t have the necessary fuel to energise the body as they’re supposed to do, exhaustion and weakness result…and you feel tired and fatigued all the time.

Vision Problems

Another early sign of diabetes is blurred vision because the eyes are sensitive to high blood sugar levels. When glucose levels spike, dehydration results as fluid is pulled from the tissues. Glucose builds up in the eye causing the lenses to swell and temporarily change shape resulting in distorted vision.

More Prone to Infections
One of the common cues to early detection of diabetes is developing frequent infections.
This is because diabetes creates a slowed immune system, which affects the body’s ability to fight off infections.

Slow Healing Cuts and Bruises
If a cut or a bruise is taking long time to heal, then you should visit the doctor and get blood sugar checked.
It could be due to high glucose levels weakening your immune system. An excessive amount of glucose harms the veins and arteries making it hard for fresh blood, needed for skin healing, to move around the body. And if they go unhealed for a long time, serious infections can develop.

Tingling and Numbness
When a person has too much sugar in their blood, then there will be a prickly tingling and numbness in the extremities, such as the feet and hands, a condition known as Diabetic Neuropathy.
This happens because the elevated blood glucose levels interfere with signals transmitted by nerves.

Skin Problems
Our bodies are made up of around 50% to 70% of water and the urge to empty our bladders frequently in diabetes can lead to the skin drying out. Diabetes affects blood circulation and this can also lead to dehydration.

Unusual skin changes can be among the first indications that something is wrong.

If you have the urge to urinate a lot, are plagued by infections, are always hungry, are constantly tired, then you are bound to be short tempered or depressed. It’s all down to your blood sugar being out of balance and losing energy that should be stored in your cells..
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If you find any of these symptoms…
do consult your doctor for timely treatment and lead a healthy life.

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