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Video Description
Matt and Rebecca Zamolo build a lego house in their backyard using only giant legos for an date.

After Rebecca Zamolo was a mermaid for 24 hours Matt decided to take her on a special date. Before they build the lego house they must destroy the slide that matt used a DIY prank to trick Rebecca and Daniel. While they were constructing everything a mysterious man from a pizza store stopped by with food and drinks. Not knowing who sent it they were hungry and started eating. Inside the Pizza box was a hidden note saying they are watching. Is this the Game Master or the GMI? After lunch they kept on building and Matt promised Rebecca they wouldn't break up and put on a mermaid tail. Once they were able to spend time on a date they needed to get out of the water before they were trapped for 24 hours. When they got out Matt received a text with a hidden camera video of the RZ twin. She was practicing Gymnastics. Rocky said they were not safe and needed to get back home. Why did rocky say they weren't safe? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!

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