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Video Description
If you're tired of wearing cheap looking shoes that fall apart rapidly and want to step up your shoe game, this video will help you figure out what to buy. I break it down into 3 categories of people, depending on what level of effort for their care you're willing to put forth, and how nice of a shoe you want.

0:32 The reason for this video
1:05 (A) The "Average Joe" defined
1:40 (B) The "Businessman" defined
1:58 (C) The "Connioseur" defined
2:18 Tip #1 What not to do
2:34 What are the 1st 3 shoes to buy?
4:28 (A) Average Joe: what construction features to look for?
6:25 (A) Why you should NOT get the good leather? (LEATHER TEST)
9:16 The difference in heels of cheap vs nice shoes
10:16 (B) The Businessman: some shoe choices
13:33 3 Rules for Full Grain shoe care
13:50 Shoe rotation
15:55 (A) Average Joe: Examples of what to buy
17:13 (B) Businessman on a BUDGET: Examples of what to buy
19:25 (B) Businessman choices: Allen Edmonds
25:00 Some chioces for (B) the Businessman or (C) the Connioseur:
27:45 Summary (feek free to screen shot)

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library
"Gypsy Dance" by Topher Mahr & Alex Elena