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Video Description
This video is a detailed guide that will help you understand:
1. WHY you should condition your leather shoes
2. WHEN (how often) you should condition them
3. HOW you should condition them, including which kind of products you may want to use. I cover the two MAJOR conditioning mistakes you'll want to avoid.
Of course, I have my favorites products, but what this video does NOT cover is which specific products you should personally use. I believe it's more important that you condition them at the appropriate times, and in the appropriate manner, than which exact product you should use. There are at least a dozen leather conditioning products I didn't even mention here, and several I have used (like Shoe MGK and Kiwi Leather Lotion) that I have used and chose not to include in the video.

0:30 – Intro & my disclaimer
1:06 – Why to condition your shoes
2:00 – A list of a few different conditioning products with some comments on each of them
2:05 – Tanner’s Blend byAshland Leather Co
3:13 - Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing by Lexol
3:43 - Renovateur by Saphir
4:28 – Bick 4 Leather Conditioner by Bickmore
5:13 – Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner by Pure Polish
6:05 – #1: Light conditioning leather with cream shoe polish (AE Park Avenues & Pure Polish Cream Polish)
9:47– #2: Standard conditioning with Conditioner (AE Strands & Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner)
14:41 – The 2 MAJOR MISTAKES people make when conditioning leather
17:08 – Shining up the Strands by brushing after conditioning
18:25 – #3: Heavy Conditioning with multiple rounds of Conditioner (AE Cornwallis with Patina)
20:18 – #4: Cleaning & heavy conditioning with multiple rounds of Conditioner (Shell Cordovan Florsheim Imperial 93605’s)
21:58 – Using Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner with a Cloth to clean and condition
29:04 – Using Pure Polish with my finger to condition
30:00 – Brushing off the shoes after the Pure Polish
30:52 – Using Bickmore Bick 4 to condition
31:37 – Brushing off the shoes after the Bick 4
32:04 – Using Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing
34:05 – Brushing off the shoes after Lexol
35:21 – Understanding why this is not an exact science
37:16 – Closing comments & outro

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Some links: for Pure Polish Products for Ashland Leather Co products or for Saphir products

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library: "Beach Disco" by Dougie Wood