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🎵XDeep Club - Summer Music Good Vibes Only….
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0. So Far Away- deep house
1. Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me
2. Hinsley - Trail (of broken hearts)
3. Hold me
4. Nora Van Elken - All Night Long (Y.V.E. 48 Remix).mp4
5. Ocie Elliott - I Got You, Honey (Niklas Thal Remix)
6. Pascal Junior - Feelings - Epic Tones
7. Dj Vianu - Back to You (Original Mix)
8. DJ JEDY feat Lana Sun - It's never too late.mp3
9. Fleurie - Soldier (GeoM Remix)
10. GeoM - Echoes (Original Mix).mp4
11. Goldwave feat. Jeoko - Memories (Lyrics)
12. Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me (Robert Cristian Remix).mp4
13. Justin Bieber - Holy (Dj Dark & Mentol Remix)
14. 1Braaten & Victor Perry - There For Me
15. In the end
16. Ela Van Wolf - Way We Feel
17. Nikko Alonzo - Feel The Fire
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