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Video Description
In the first episode of the VARC Game Changer Series, our VARC experts told you about the Roadmap which will make your CAT journey simpler and more exciting.
Check out episode 1:

In the second episode, you got to know about Reading comprehension: Meet the new boss, we will burst Myths about RC. Shabana ma'am will enlighten you about different genres of RC, the right way to approach them, the process of elimination, and many more tips and tricks.
Check out episode 2:

In the third episode of the VARC Game Changer Series, Abhilasha ma'am will talk about Vocabulary: Hitting Home. In this episode, we will talk about identifying the common problems/busting myths, Examples of writing styles/tone, and many more.

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Also, don't forget to identify the common link between these episodes and stand a chance to win an iPhone.
All you need to do is comment with your answers using #varcgamechanger in the comments section.

Stay tuned for the next episode.
Let's crack it!

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