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Video Description
Complete Guide To The Best Men’s Watches On

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In this video, I’ll share 10 common pitfalls and mistakes commonly made by collectors and enthusiasts when buying watches. What watches have you picked up along the way that taught you one of these important lessons? Are there any other watches to not buy that I missed?

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0:00 - Intro & Organization
1:29 - 1. Replicas & Fakes
3:11 - 2. Homage
4:55 - 3. Paying Way Over Retail
6:37 - 4. Unproven Upstart Brand
8:28 - 5. Too Good To Be True
9:34 - 6. The Watch That Causes Financial Hardship
11:40 - 7. Fashion Department Store Watch
12:49 - 8. The Hype Watch You Do Not Actually Care About
14:25 - 9. Buying The Alternative When The Real Thing Is In Reach
15:57 - 10. The Investment Watch