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ErisFae    30 September, 08, 10:43 am
Video Description
Taryn was dumpling's mama, there is no doubt. She cared for this runt of the litter, when no one else held hope for her survival. This song has a lot of memories attached to it for my sister, so I thought it appropriate.
Here's precious Dumpling's story:

Dumpy was my sister's sweet kitten (Poor Taryn also lost her dog, Snoopy, just a few months ago). Our cousin was part of a team who busted a puppy mill in 2001, and he found a litter of half-starved kittens among the chaos.

Dumpling was the runt and was barely alive. All her litter-mates died within 24hrs of their rescue. Still, this little one survived against the odds.
She grew healthy, with just a few disabilities; Dumpling had difficulties with her weight, and her back toes pointed out far too much, giving her a distinctive (and adorable) waddle.

Dumpling (who was called 'Fiddlesticks' and 'Platypus' as a kitten-- don't ask) was such a cuddle bug! She loved to sit upon the old computer (we even had to move her bed up there!), and reach out to everyone who passed by. Oh, her paws! Dumpling had the most unusual paws and could grasp far better than average rather strange, actually. She would meow as she reached with her paws, trying to get anyone's attention. She adored being held and loved. Actually, Dumpling usually harassed my dog, Molly, into cuddling with her. She would sit with Molly for hours, rubbing against and licking her.

I'm sorry to say she had a most tragic end: My sister had to have a friend watch Dumpling for an evening. Really, is was less than two hours. Her friend left the house, and forgot to put Dumpling in her crate, leaving her alone with her three large dogs. The dogs attacked her in that short time, and killed the seven-year-old American short hair.