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Video Description
Robin of Loxley's Long Halftime Walk
The Hurt Loxley
Thin Red Loxley
Full Metal Loxley
Saving Private Loxley

There's so much to talk about I didn't even get around to mentioning the wall of fire that soldiers just push open like a door, the way characters will just stand and have Very Important Conversations at full volume in the middle of crowds of snooping nobles, Little John's iron arm stub that he makes so that they don't need to keep disguising Jamie Foxx's real hand, or how Friar Tuck is simultaneously the most entertaining and least meaningful character, largely present out of obligation.

If you want a better Robin Hood watch the Errol Flynn movie, and if you want more entertaining cheese watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

I will say this was more entertaining than the endless bore of the 2010 Ridley Scott film.

Written and performed by Dan Olson