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Video Description
"I had written this script during lockdown seeing everything that was going around, seeing how people were panicking, how I was attacked once I returned from London post my shoot. Nobody even asked me how my health was rather I noticed people trolling me on social media. There were videos coming out of how COVID survivors were being attacked: doctors were being mistreated while they returned home, after working tirelessly police officers were not welcomed around. The selfless people who were feeding dogs during the lockdown were harassed because people said - 'Manush khete parchena aar era kukur ke khawateh asche, jaan nijer bari niye jaan' .

Gender issues were noticed where a lady rikshawpuller who was trying to feed her family was not welcomed and transpeople were mocked in the open. Therefore after I saw all these aggression, I wrote them down as these were beyond my reaction.

I shared this idea with my team member Abhishek so that we could film it and 15th August being the ideal day to bring out this message, he took my penned ideas and executed it.

My tricolor, my national flag always flying high above with the beautiful sky wrapping it up. Nothing comes above it. So it's time we should liberate ourselves from false activism and take part in the independence which our nation really signifies - Independence beyond any difference of gender, caste, creed, religion, and occupation.

Let's be thoughtful and kind and celebrate everyday as the independence day that we should really mean...where head is held high saluting the best of our land"
#HappyIndependenceDay #VandeMataram #MimiChakraborty
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