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Important Military Exercises- Joint naval exercises of India, Indian military exercises 2017, Joint military exercises of India with other countries - Our website ( ) is one of the leading portal on Entrance Exams and Admissions in India.

Garuda (India-France) Air Exercise. AIM : share the know-how of pilots in the field of air refueling. VARUNA (India-France) Naval Exercise. AIM : improving Indo-French coordination Cross-deck operations and Replenishment-at-sea. HAND-HAND (India-China) Army Exercise. AIM : acquaint both the Armies with each other's operating procedures in the backdrop of counter terrorism environment . Sino India Cooperation (India-China) Army Exercise. AIM : to enhance interaction and cooperation between India and China. Indra (India- Russia) Armed Forces. AIM : to boost cooperation and interoperability between the Russian and Indian navies. JIMEX (INDIA-Japan) Naval Exercise. AIM : enabling the two navies to smoothly function together in the sphere of maritime security / HADR (High Availability Disaster Recovery) operations.
MALBAR (India, USA, Japan). AIM : develop common understanding of procedures for Maritime Security Operations.
Yudh Abhyas (India- USA). AIM : honed tactical skills in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations. Red Flag (India- USA). AIM : to imbibe operational lessons from the exercise engagements, which will help us add more teeth to overall war waging capabilities. Cope (India- USA). AIM : conduct flight tests, practice and demonstrations as well as lectures on subjects related to aviation. SURYA KIRAN (India-Nepal) Army Exercise. AIM : To improve the skills required counter-terrorism and counter-terror, forest fighting and natural disaster management operations
SimBex (India - Singapore). AIM : to include elements of maritime security. AUSINDex (India -Australia). AIM : to enhance interoperability and professional interaction . IBSAMAR (India, Brazil, South Africa). AIM : epitomizes the strong long-term strategic relationship between the three democracies. KONKAN (India-Britain) Navy Exercise. AIM : to enhance interoperability and professional interaction . Nomadic Elephant (India- Magnolia) Army Exercise. AIM : to train the troops in Counter Insurgency & Counter Terrorism Operations. Indradhanush (India-UK) Army Exercise. AIM : to strengthen their cooperation and interoperability.
Shade (India , Japan and China) Naval Exercise. AIM : share data with each other to achieve the most efficient usage of naval forces present in the Indian ocean region . Garuda Shakti (India - Indonesia) Army Exercise. AIM : Building and promoting positive relations and Enhancing their abilities to undertake joint tactical level operations in a counter insurgency environment. MITRa Shakti ( India – Sri Lanka) Army Exercise. AIM : The aim of joint training is to exchange best of military practices of two countries and build strong military-to-military (M2M) relation between two armies . SLINEX (India – Sri Lanka) Naval Exercise. AIM : to reinforce strong neighbourly ties between both countries underscored by extensive maritime interaction and improved understanding. Sahyog-Kaijin (India- Japan) Naval Exercise. AIM : focus on search and rescue operations and interoperability between the two forces and other areas of common professional interest. MaITrEE ( India – Thailand ) Army Exercise. AIM : honed tactical skills in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations. SAMPRITI ( India – Bangladesh) Army Exercise. AIM : to practice counter-terrorism and disaster-management operations. Naseem Al-Bahr (India – Oman) Naval Exercise. AIM : deriving mutual benefit from the experiences of both the navies. Al Nagah-II (India – Oman) Army Exercise. AIM: enhance the interoperability between the two armed forces in conducting joint military operations. Druzhba ( Russia – Pakistan ) Army Exercise. AIM : bolstering and building military cooperation between the two countries. PRABAL DOSTYK (India - Kazakhstan) Army Exercise. AIM: enhance interoperability while undertaking counter terrorism & counter insurgency operations in rural & semi-urban environment under the umbrella of United Nations. Chakravyuh-II India (Rajasthan ). AIM : Validate battle readiness and operationl effectiveness
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