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Video Description
What’s happening in this Flatliners movie clip?
Marlo (Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries) is haunted by a man who died when she accidentally mixed up his medication and confesses it to Ray (Diego Luna), who consoles her. They share an intimate moment and make out. In the meantime, Courtney (Eliott Page from Juno, Inception and The Umbrella Academy) is haunted by her sister Tessa, who died in a car crash she caused because she was using her phone.

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What’s the Flatliners movie about?
A medical student, Courtney (Eliott Page from Juno, Inception and The Umbrella Academy), invites fellow students Jamie (James Norton from Little Women and Mr. Jones) and Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) to join her in an experiment: using defibrillation to stop her heart for sixty seconds while recording her brain. After being resuscitated, Courtney begins to recall memories of past events and experiences increased intelligence and euphoria. Envious, Jamie flatlines, as do Marlo (Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries) and Sophia later. Those who flatlined experience visions and are haunted by ghosts. Courtney, traumatised by her visions, records a message apologising and falls to her death from the fire escape of her apartment building. The others are devastated and realize they may be implicated if anyone discovers their experiments. After attempting to remove all evidence from Courtney’s apartment, the group watches Courtney's recording and find out that she had encountered similar hauntings. They come clean to the mistakes they made and come to the conclusion that the hauntings they're experiencing are hallucinations because of guilt from their sins, not paranormal beings. The group takes action to stop the hallucinations by fixing their past mistakes. Tired of being haunted by her hallucinations, Marlo flatlines on her own, but Ray (Diego Luna), Sophia and Jamie rush to stop her. They resuscitate Marlo after she sees an apparition of Courtney, who tells Marlo that she needs to forgive herself. Marlo, Ray, Sophia and Jamie reminisce about Courtney and celebrate their friendships in the little restaurant they hang out at.

Credits: © 2017 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Cross Creek Pictures, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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