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Video Description
#IntellectualProperty #Copyright #IPCodePhilippines #IPOPHIL #RA8293

By the end of the video, learners will be able to
1. Describe the term copyright;
2. List down literary and artistic works that can be protected by copyright;
3. Identify what are the economic and moral rights given to the copyright owner;
4. Discuss what is a derivative work;
5. Identify examples of derivative works;
6. Explain the two types of protection for derivative works;
7. Describe idea-expression dichotomy;
8. Discuss copyright ownership for various cases;
9. Provide the details on how long the copyright lasts;
10. Explain the remedies against copyright infringers; and
11. Identify the punishments for copyright infringements.

00:00 What is Copyright?
00:22 Literary and Artistic Works
01:24 Copyright Economic Rights
02:05 Copyright Moral Rights
02:49 Derivative Works
05:06 Idea-Expression Dichotomy
05:48 Copyright Ownership
09:02 Copyright Infringement
09:30 Remedy for Copyright Infringement
09:49 Punishment for Copyright Infringement
10:42 References
10:47 Subscribe and More Videos

Here are the helpful references for this material:
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