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Video Description
Ryan Trahan’s Penny Series has made him the new king of YouTube. He survived on $0.01 for 30 days!

This is a masterclass in how to grow and get more views on YouTube. There’s a lot more to this than Ryan Trahan’s catchy outro song.

Intro clip from the great duo Colin & Samir

All other clips from Ryan Trahan

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Intro Song: Blue Wednesday - Cereal

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Video notes:

Ryan Trahan’s crazy idea, has just changed the formula for growing on youtube…

His new daily series where he crosses america with one penny, has gained his channel 2 million subscribers in the last month…

And it starts with part 1 - giving the algorithm what it wants

Now the title of this part might confuse you, because daily vlogs aren’t supposed to work anymore?

However, these tactics might have helped him solve the retention issue with vlogs…but there’s another major hurdle the penny series needed to overcome, which brings us to part 2 - the episodic problem

So we now have two parts of the formula, retention and optimising for new viewers…but part 3 is where Ryan’s best idea comes into play… audience hacking

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video!