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Hasura    29 September, 21, 11:34 am
Video Description
This video, walks you through everything you need to know to get your first secure API up and running with Hasura. It covers the multiple databases Hasura works with, and helps you set up Hasura for a brand new or an existing database.

00:00 - What is Hasura
01:50 - Supported Databases and Key Use-cases
02:52 - Creating a Hasura Project
04:47 - Connecting a DB with Hasura
06:00 - Setting up your Data Model
07:31 - GraphQL Mutations
08:44 - GraphQL Query
09:19 - Creating a Second Table
12:30 - GraphQL Subscriptions
13:56 - Setting up relationships
17:11 - Leveraging the Database Superpowers
20:58 - Setting up Authorisation for your API

#Hasura #GraphQL

🚀 Hasura makes your data instantly accessible over a real-time GraphQL API, so you can build and ship modern apps and APIs faster. Hasura connects to your databases, REST servers, GraphQL servers and third party APIs (eg: Stripe, Salesforce) to provide a unified realtime GraphQL API across all your data sources instantly.

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