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Video Description
In this video I add Vibram Mini-Lug half-soles and matching heel top lifts to a pair of Johnston & Murphy dress boots that I thrifted. They came with flat leather/rubber combination heels that are just not going to do the job in the nasty snowy winters here in the Midwest USA.

I used Vibram #2333 5mm thick half sole with Carramato lugs, and matching Vibram 6.4mm thick #5722 Lug Heel (top lift). I purchased them from eBay for $23.95 for the set from eBay seller ibm360rock. Note: although the ad stated that the half soles were #2332, the actual part had Vibram #2333 molded into them.

*UPDATE* Ibwas not happy with the finish and color of the heels. Since shooting the video I sanded down and Re-stained them with a lighter Tan Fiebings. You can see the result here:

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My apologies, this one is in 3 parts as it was produced before I had enough views to post videos over 15 minutes. The production quality of my earlier videos is poorer, but I believe they all have good content.

Music (in order of appearance):
"Robot Coupe" by Lost European
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Nostalgia" produced by Ghost Beats

"Rise!" by Aq Xico, produced by Alegal, used with permission

"Shine On" from YouTube Audio Library