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Golf Mates    18 November, 22, 5:00 pm
Video Description
I take on Simon Payne, the resident pro here at Tower Links golf club in Dubai Ras Al Khaimah! Simon is a scratch golfer player and is tough competition! Please remember to get your comments in down below to enter the giveaway!! and WHO WILL WIN???

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Welcome to the Golf Mates YouTube Channel!

We bring you fun golf videos with a band of characters for you all to enjoy.

There are characters we can all enjoy, from Mid Handicap Golfers, Funny Golfers, Senior Golfers, Scratch Golfers, Ex PGA professionals and PGA Professionals.

My videos are here to help improve your golf game and to bring the fun and the community back into Golf!

Our Characters Playlists:

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Young Man Josh ► A Young Golf Superstar -

Mr Barlow ► The Funniest Golfer On YouTube -

Lee Jones ► Scratch Golfer & Golf Reviewer -

Ebay Pete ► The Housewifes Choice & Mid Handicap Golfer -

Stu ► Roy 'Chubby' Brown Look Alike

Bry ► European Long Drive Champion -

Peter Finch ► Ex-Professional & Scratch Golfer

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