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Bruce Williams    24 September, 22, 6:56 pm
Video Description
Was this stealth release/quick discontinuation a strategy or happenstance? Do you think we will see other unheralded novelties or specialties models that come and go in a marketplace blink-of-an-eye? This CK859 is marvelous watch, with slightly odd circumstances surrounding it. What do you think?

Thank you to Brent Miller Jewelers for hosting me on site. Please reach out to Brad for any watch pricing/availability. Highly recommended AD:
717-712-8954 (Brad's cell)

YT: @Brent Miller Time
IG: @brentmillertime

0:00 - 1:31 Very little promotion
1:31 - 2:00 Quick discontinuation
2:00 - 2:54 Cutting their losses?
2:54 - 4:55 Or a shrewd strategy?
4:55 - 6:05 The watch is amazing
6:05 - 7:19 Unknown production numbers
7:19 - 7:43 Pennsylvania outro