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The Shocking Truth Why Elon Musk Bought Twitter
After months of attempting to back out of his purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk now officially owns the hugely influential platform. The question now is, what will he do with it?
The billionaire has not been shy about his ambitions, though he has been tight-lipped about how he intends to achieve them.
Musk's takeover has the potential to disrupt not only Twitter employees, but also the hundreds of millions of people who use the platform on a daily basis around the world. It could also have an impact on the upcoming US midterm elections if Musk follows through on his promise to restore the accounts of users who were previously banned from the platform, most notably former US President Donald Trump, and to limit the company's content restrictions.
Musk purchased Twitter in the last week of October because he had little choice. The world's richest man tried for months to back out of the $44 billion purchase agreement he signed in April. However, the uncertainty was so disruptive to Twitter's business that they sued Musk in the Delaware Court of Chancery to force the completion of the deal, and a judge set a deadline for Musk to complete the deal or face a November trial that he was likely to lose.
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