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Video Description
This is an in depth inverview with Russell, "the Sartorial Chauffer". He's one of the consistently best dressed gentlemen I know with a massive shoe, suit, and watch collection. Listen and learn from him how to dress better, WHY to dress better, how to match watches, pocket squares, and shoes. Get some fresh ideas on where to take your wardrobe, and learn how he did it even when he was broke! Learn how he used dressing well to keep himself motivated when his business completely collapsed during the Covid lockdown! This is part 1 of 2 parts.

0:45 Introduction to Russell "The Sartorial Chauffer"
2:55 Outfit #1: Custom brown/tan AE MacGreggor with Orient Bambino watch, tan slacks, red/burgundy/brown shirt
9:54 How the love for thrifting started; dark blue windowpane suit with black AEs with windowpane fabric, Ball Engineer II watch
11:57 Bright Blue AE St John's, bright blue Orient Automatic watch, matching tie, paired with a charcoal suit
14:44 Shoes Russel owns & why Allen Edmonds is his favorite
17:40 Russell's 2 best tips for buying or getting service on AE shoes
21:40 A Pinstriped Charcoal suit with a pair of 1980's AE Chester wingtip Oxford & a black & brown/mustard tie. Can you wear black & brown together?
24:28 Navy suit with a light blue shirt, brown AE Brantley split toe Derby & a watch with a matching brown band
25:50 Why & how he started paying attention to pocket squares & watches
27:25 How his first livery (chauffer) vehicle affected how he dresses
30:39 Thrifted taupe Belvest suit with cigar (brown) AE Strands, Hamilton Khaki Swiss watch with a black dial & brown leather band, pink shirt & brown tie
33:00 Navy pinstripe suit, merlot AE Manchester wingtip tassel loafers, vintage Rado "Purple Horse" automatic watch, pinstriped blue/white shirt.
34:31 Black suit with walnut AE Strands, walnut AE Belt, watch with walnut straps, Zegna tie from eBay, turmeric colored pocket squar
The "You can't pair balck and brown" challenge
36:08 brown & white AE Spectators, matching watch with white dial & walnut straps, cream colored slacks, burgundy/brown/red shirt
37:28 Bourbon AE Park Avenues, Ball automatic watch with a bourbon Ralleye Strap & black dial, patterned blue/white shirt, tan Chinos, brown tie & light brown sport coat
369:12 Black suit with black AE Brantley Oxford boots, white shirt, black pattern tie with a Movado automatic watch with a black dial and black leather strap
40:20 Discussing the "10,000 step dress shoe" & why dress shoes can be more comfortable than sneakers
42:35 110+ year old button boots!
46:36 NOS (New Old Stock) John C. Roberts quarter brogue Oxfords from around the 1930's -1940's with a spade sole
48:18 John McHale short-wing Blucher "Bombers" with a triple oak sole from the late 1950's
49:57 Florsheim "Golden Harvest" Long Wing Bluchers restored by Steve from Bedos Leatherworks, & where the term "Gunboats" came from
53:24 NOS Allen Edmonds Macneils from 1977 with the box & the difference between the Macneil & the current "Macneil 2.0"
56:20 A pair of AE Fifth Avenues from 1990 in "antique burgundy calf" that were purchased after sitting in an Allen Edmonds store for over 20 years!
59:24 A pair of custom one-off AE Saddle Oxfords (similar to the Polo) in #8 Shell Cordovan
1:02:45 AE Hale with a custom "Copper" patina by Alberto Suastez from Patinaworks Arizona, inspired by the feldspar gem
1:05:50 AE Park Avenues in black marbled shell cordovan (which isn't really black)
1:07:27 Russell's opinion on Shell Cordovan Care & his favorite product to condition Shell Cordovan
1:09:58 MUST SEE: Why Russell started posting his OOTD (Outfit of the Day) - how he handled his biggest buisiness adversity
1:16:33 Outro & credits

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