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Video Description
Learn how to control your focus and motivation so you can start doing the things you want to do in Dr. K's Guide to ADHD and Doing Stuff:

▼ Timestamps ▼
0:00 - Lecture Starts
0:32 - Why does ADHD exist?
14:50 - Diagnosis and Myths
18:45 - ADHD and Development
33:22 - Being ADHD in the modern world
49:09 - Questions and Discussion
54:42 - Is there a link between ADHD and giftedness?
55:10 - The role of medication in ADHD
56:25 - Why do people say ADHD is fake?
57:26 - Downsides to medication
59:20 - Would you recommend extending attention span?
59:52 - Inferiority complex in ADHD
1:02:30 - Tips for structure and discipline
1:03:54 - What effect does weed have on ADHD?
1:10:30 - Self-medicating for ADHD
1:12:08 - Is diagnosis possible during drug addiction?
1:14:39 - Can ADHD students succeed?
1:15:00 - Is ADHD diagnosed in Indian schools?
1:15:36 - Can Trileptal cause depression?
1:16:53 - Is it normal to diagnose ADHD through bloodwork?
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