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Video Description
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NOTE: I remade this video, because the quality of the previous version wasn't that great.

If you are wondering how to read body language then you've come to the right place. Reading body language is one of the most important skills to cultivate if you want to improve your social life. It allows you to quickly tell how someone is feeling in almost any situation. So today I'm going to go over 30+ signs/movements and do a deep analysis on what each of the mean. This is The Ultimate Body Language Guide.

DISCLAIMER: All of the information presented in this video, is taken straight from body language expert and former FBI agent Joe Navarro's book, "The Dictionary Of Body Language".

PLEASE support him and his work by purchasing one of his many books on the subject: (I personally recommend checking out "What Everybody Is Saying")

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Intro: (00:00)
Spatial Distancing: (00:33)
Territorial Stances: (01:12)
Territorial Challenge: (01:30)
Angling To The Side: (01:46)
Walking Behaviors: (02:01)
Legs (Sitting): (02:16)
Ankles Locking: (02:41)
Ankles Locking Around Chair: (02:54)
Knee Clasp While Leaning Back: (03:15)
Knee Clasp While Leaning Forward: (03:25)
Crossing Leg To Create A Barrier: (03:35)
Leg Draping: (03:53)
Leg Rubbing: (04:05)
Knee Rubbing: (04:16)
Leg Shaking: (04:32)
Knee Hugging: (04:42)
Standing With Legs Crossing: (04:53)
Leg Kicking While Sitting: (05:08)
Jumping: (05:19)
Footwear: (05:32)
Dragging Feet: (05:52)
Ankle Scratching: (06:01)
Frozen Feet: (06:12)
Foot Withdrawing: (06:20)
Playing Footsies: (06:31)
Foot Turning Away: (06:44)
Both Feet Turned Away: (06:57)
Toes Pointed Inwards: (07:11)
Toes Pointing Up: (07:18)
Bouncy Feet: (07:30)
Foot Tapping: (07:43)
Pacing: (07:58)
Feet Pointing Towards Someone: (08:09)
Leg Tantrums: (08:22)
Foot Stomp: (08:31)
Toe Wiggling: (08:44)
Shoe Dangling: (08:54)
Agitated Feet & Legs: (09:04)
How To Practice Your Body Language Skills: (09:24)