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Video Description
In this video, I will demonstrate how to quickly turn your photo into a cartoon using the Photo Lab website. I will also show how the cartoon head image can be combined with a body caricature wearing a school uniform using Canva. As a bonus, I will share where you can get the caricature bodies wearing school uniforms that will be used in this demonstration.

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Using Photo Lab to Turn Image into Cartoon
02:15 Using Canva to Edit the Head Image
02:45 Using Template for Body with School Uniform
03:08 Combining Head and Body Images
03:47 Using Canva Template
04:47 Downloading Canva File
05:08 Uses of Caricature
05:22 Like, Subscribe, and More Videos

Template created by Ms. Jen Vitancor

Template created by Mr. Sonny Boy Arciaga

Please don't hesitate to ask your questions or write your feedback in the Comments section below. Please support by liking and subscribing to the 5-Minute Lessons by Victor channel. Click the Bell button to be notified when new videos are uploaded. Thank you!

#CanvaCaricature #Canva #Photolab